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Scenes from Part 3 of the Eternity Gene (2012)

Scenes from Part 3 of the Eternity Gene (2012)

      The year is 2020. Scientists have just begun experimenting with and ‘improving’ the human genome.  Ezra & Josie are chosen by their Form Teacher, Mr. Bignall, to act as companions to HM The Queen who has agreed to be transported to the year 2130 (using a special device called a ‘U-com’) and to report on some possible disaster which it is feared has befallen society. What The Queen, Ezra & Josie (the three main characters) discover, is a world in which the results of a genetic experiment – designed to combat aging – have gone horribly wrong. They find a world dominated by grotesque, oversized creatures that have either forcibly ‘processed’ humans, or enslaved them.

Shortly after arriving in a future Hyde Park, The Queen is abducted in a cage slung beneath a helicopter and at this point the story follows two separate, yet intertwining, paths – one in which HM The Queen is tricked into believing that Josie has been killed and becomes resolved to rescue Ezra, and the other in which Ezra & Josie follow evidence which takes them to a country mansion where they learn to survive by cleaning up giant bird’s poo.

The Queen escapes and, after a precarious bus ride in which she is ordered off the bus for the crime of being ‘subhuman’, she manages to reach Buckingham Palace – only to find the place in ruins. She also finds her head gardener, Andrew, still working at the rear of the Palace. Andrew has discovered that the creatures are highly allergic to tomatoes which they call the ‘Red Sneezy’. Together The Queen and Andrew plan a way to rescue Ezra, whom the Queen mistakenly thinks, is still in Hyde Park being ‘processed’.

However, Ezra and Josie are now in Thetford Forest in Norfolk looking for an ‘Industrial Complex’. But they are immediately captured by humans who, for safety reasons, have only ever lived underground. They are suspected of being spies and their loyalty is tested in a trial by ordeal. Once accepted by the humans Ezra & Josie get inside the Complex and meet Professor Oswald who is being blackmailed into working on genetics. He explains to them the historical origins of the Eternity Gene – people were given the choice: they could either continue to live as humans, become old, ill and die in the usual way, or, if they allowed themselves to be genetically reconfigured, they could stay youthful and live forever, but as hideous creatures.

Meanwhile The Queen, single-handedly, tries to re-take control of what’s left of Buckingham Palace, but she has now been labeled a terrorist called ‘The Fat Chick’ – the ruthless leader of a network of terrorists called ‘Al-Kebab’. Buckingham Palace is besieged by creatures and, together with Andrew, she escapes to an underground shelter beneath the Victoria Memorial where they watch the final destruction of Buckingham Palace through a periscope.

The siege of Buckingham Palace is reported on Professor Oswald’s laptop and Ezra & Josie immediately recognize the Queen. Mr. Bignall has told Ezra & Josie they cannot return to 2020 without first rescuing The Queen, and now is their chance. Ezra & Josie transport themselves to the Victoria Memorial (using the ‘U-com’ device given to them by Mr. Bignall at the start of their journey) and are reunited with Her Majesty. Together they transport back to Prof. Oswald’s lab and return to the year 2020 with a six foot, sedated rooster called Max – who is supposed to act as evidence that genetic experiments must be halted.

They all land in various states of sleep in the book cupboard of Room 70 in Ezra & Josie’s school – the place they left at the start of the story. But things don’t go according to plan…because Max has disappeared…

(Children 10+ and Adults)

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