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Life's Cruel Wisdom.

A old manuscript is unearthed with the title ‘The Tragedy Of Life’s Cruel Wisdom By William Of Stratford 1615’, and it is immediately hailed as a lost, and probably last play, by Shakespeare. My book – ‘Life’s Cruel Wisdom’ – is what I have called a ‘novelog’. Brian Jones, the manuscript’s discoverer, scans and uploads pages from the unearthed manuscript and invites people to post comments on his blog after they have read and interpreted a page. As various bloggers post their comments, opinion about the manuscript’s authenticity continually shifts between true and false. Some bloggers misinterpret words in the manuscript and reach often quite absurd conclusions, while others are inspired to tell their life stories. Finally, however, as the drama of the play unfolds, an unsettling comparison begins to emerge between this Elizabethan stage play and today’s world. Eventually the unforeseen consequences of trying to share this discovery with the rest of the world, prove explosive, and a long, troubling shadow is cast over our tenuous, civilised values.

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The first few pages.