june 2016


...in what queue is this do I stand

to be so ceremoniously gutted like a fish

to have half, or all, of what I am

thrown to the gulls

and anything that’s left

to be sold and eaten

at fifty cents a heartbeat

I am lost, blind

and I reek of cheap mortality

but even if the very hub of the universe

should itself rip out my throat

still I will scream for a thousand years

I will rage of blastocysts and knives

of codons and quadratics

I will bite out the very tongue of the cosmos

suck out its eyes

and squeeze its many beating hearts in my fist

for I swear I will gut the supernovas

before they gut me

I am finished being toyed with

being pushed into a box

and nailed to the walls and doors

my leash has snapped

it is now not enough

to just grade my ignorance

and feed my own anus with another’s excrement


I demand at last to know why I exist

and just what is this cosmic queue

which everyday

forcibly decorates my mind

with its exotic, ceremonious stupidity

for one day I will reach the blue-green atoms

my lovers glowing between the stars

and one unguarded day I will kiss the truth

and celebrate the endless destruction of time

one day...




...forget the sky with its sharp, migraine clouds

the blue nerve has been severed

the ultraviolet colossus stands naked

paralysed by the sun

the crowd mobbing death into its face

that strange, insane thirst

for some unending grief

where always love slips before the knife

and solitude is splintered with an axe

indeed, there are many ways out of the ogre’s prison

though none from its heart

the fascination of forgetting the sky exists

just a joke between friends

an obscure, reckless fulfilment

drilled into the forehead

the ultraviolet migraine

stripping this world

of all its imperial malevolence

the unclothed light

a spectrum at last proclaiming

the passion and the love of no gender

the one, mighty rainbow thundering home...