august 2017


...sometimes, when sex lifts its raw-headed face

and finally dissolves the sour-sweet skin

between the you and the me

unknown arms reach out and bring down the clouds

to hide love’s deceptions

the egos gliding between tongues

and those unheard-of sounds

that clearly define the earth’s prosaic darkness

a place where vanity sweats from the walls

and such things as narratives and lifelines

begin with a single, ovulating kiss

a conceit between the you and the me

in which the sun splits and splits again

the sweet folds of consciousness

the only dream within a thousand dreams

where the new-startled ego

rises and reaches out

for the earth’s dark narrative

the place of shadows and clouds

between the you and the me...




...all my life I have floated

thousands of miles above the earth

turning slowly, cradling the abyss in my arms

my child and mother

my friend and lover

such strange, vast lullabies

obsessions caught even before I was born

for I have never been ein maβenmensch

happy to just suck chains down into my throat

or have my eyes replaced with microwaves

no, the goal has always been to seize the wind

to bring down the pious monoliths

and finally become that which outstrips survival

the obsession to sing lullabies

to cradle strange thoughts

a thousand miles from earth

a child devours its mother

a mother devours her child

and once again silence returns,

the undisputed master...